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Notes on Roleplaying

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1Notes on Roleplaying Empty Notes on Roleplaying on Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:31 am


Hello. I've noticed, apparantly, people seem to not be paying any heed to these things, so I thought I'd point them out.

First of all, a lot of people simply "assume" the rules, and don't actually bother to go through, and read them. This has happened on my Roleplay (cough all you idiots that just posted your profiles cough), and I'd just like to make a point that you should adhere to the basic rules of Roleplaying, then also read any rules the owner may post as a guideline of what the owner requires.

Secondly, sometimes, profiles get sent unfinished. You have no idea how annoying that is to the average Roleplay owner. It tells you that the person joining either a) is lazy, or b) doesn't care about the RP much. As such, people should fully complete the profile skeletons.

Third, I'm tired of seeing Mary Sue-esque "SUPER SPECIAL BADASS MOVE THAT DOESN'T ACTUALLY EXIST!" or other outrageous things. . . Like a Pikachu knowing Zap Cannon. Or Ash with uber awesome karate skills. A Surfing Pikachu is fine, but not a Zap Cannon Pikachu. Basically, if it doesn't exist, DON'T DO IT. When applied to non-Pokemon Roleplays, the Mary Sue type character often have a "SUPER AWESOME BADASS FORM THAT IS SO AWESOME YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME AND NOW I POWN YOU SO YAY!" . . . God damn annoying. So no spontaneous mecha form or anything like that.

Fourth, some of the owners are too lenient. They should really enforce the rules a lot more, otherwise the Roleplay is more likely to flatline, and eventually, go to the "crickets." That means die. On top of that, some roleplays have only the most basic of rules that are already an obvious given.

Fifth, use gcorct grammar, people. I know you have it in you, so try! And We actually want to be able to read your posts, instead of attempting to decipher, "lYk, OmG, th@T P1K@chU is lyk, St@kin m!" . . . Wait, does anyone want to decipher that for me? I don't even know what that said. . .

And. . . That's it. Note, I did not post this to bash, merely to inform, and better the quality of roleplays and roleplayers alike, so everyone can have fun. That's all!


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