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Requests from Shards

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1Requests from Shards Empty Requests from Shards on Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:50 pm


I would really like. . . an EV'd and IV'd Flareon. . . Preferably with a nature that boosts attack, speed, or both.
Requested moveset:
Fire Fang
Fire Blast
Iron Tail
and something of your choice. . . Please make it make sense on a Flareon.

I'd also appreciate an EV'd and IV'd Togekiss, with a nature that boosts Defense and/or Special Defense.
Requested moveset:
Air Slash

Lastly, I'd appreciate a Leafeon that's EV'd and IV'd, and a nature that boosts Attack and/or Speed, though preferably both.
Requested Moveset:
Anything that cause sleep or paralysis
Leaf Blade
Giga Drain
Something that makes sense on a Leafeon

Because I myself have no patience whatsoever for EV training. . . let alone IV breeding. And besides, I have really horrible luck when it comes to natures. I don't have much to compensate with, but I've got an arsenal of items. . . Like Everstones. . . and evolution items. . . and Fossils. . . and Plates. . . And a small army of Dittos.

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