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[Story] PPSA - Pokemon Private Summer Academy

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Thats right! It's finaly here! Please enjoy the first chapter.

NOTE: Do not comment in this thread. It's just for the story.If you have anything to say, then say it in the "Comments and Suggestions" thread.

Capter 1 - Aboard the PPSA Express

Joe stared out into the dark blue abyss as he rocketed across the ocean’s floor in a large, see-through tunnel. It was hard to tell how fast he was going. He didn’t feel the speed, only the cool air flowing through the comfortably spaced car he’d been assigned to. The sleek train seemed to have everything: a small television broadcasting the news, a bookshelf packed with insightful books on Pokémon training, coordinating, grooming, breeding, and battling, comfortable seats that were big enough to be beds. Every now and then the small TV changed from the news to a digital menu where you ordered your food. Joe couldn’t remember how long he’d been on the train, how many meals he’d gone through or how many of those books he’d read. His excitement was clouding his thoughts. He couldn’t stop looking at the bright, black and gold invitation in his hand, with the PPSA seal in bright gold on the front. In the distance he could see the silhouette of a pod of Wailord swimming by. All of this just seemed too surreal for him to grasp.

A familiar beep broke the silence, preceding an announcement from an equally familiar voice.

“Hello, passengers,” said the feminine voice, “we are approaching the island. It will be about three hours before we reach school grounds.” The red lights above the smooth, white doors at opposite ends of the car faded to green. “Please feel free to order your lunch and wander the train as we make our arrival. Thank you!” As if on cue the TV screen flashed to an electronic menu full of appealing choices. Joe shook himself out of his daze as his twin brother, Josh, spoke from next to him.

“Thank god, I gotta pee.” He said, undoing his seatbelt and standing up.

The two boys had messy, black hair (though Joshes hair was slightly longer) and bright, turquoise eyes. They each wore light blue t-shirts, and black jeans, as well as dark blue jumpers tied around their waists.

“Be right back.” Josh told his twin, who nodded in response.

Joe stood up, stretched, and looked out of the window again. The group of Wailord was gone, off on their own journey as he was on his.


Joe sighed, and reached up into the luggage rack to get his water out of his backpack. Unfortunately, half asleep from his recent doze, he fumbled with the zipper and sent his possessions scattering across the floor of the train.

He cursed, then bent down to pick it all up.

“Need any help?” asked a girls voice from above him.

“Yeah, thanks.” He responded, not looking up.

The girl helped him pack his belongings back into his backpack, then Joe raised his head. She was a head shorter than him, and had wavy, brown hair and greenish-blue eyes.

“I’m Ceshlyta, by the way. Ceshlyta Peterson.” She said, holding out her hand.

Joe heard a toilet flush from behind him, and then the electronic doors open and close.

He held up two fingers behind his back, a signal for his brother, as he shook Ceshlyta’s hand.

“Joe Antonimous.” He said innocently.

Suddenly, Josh rushed past and tackled Ceshlyta to the ground.

“POWNED!” He exclaimed loudly, grinning. He stood up and high fived Joe.

“What the hell are you doing?” yelled Ceshlyta loudly, standing up and dusting herself off.

“What d’ya mean?” asked Josh with a look of polite curiosity on his face.

“You just tackled me!” she screeched, outraged.

“No I didn’t...” he muttered, confused. He looked at Joe, who just shrugged.

“What do you mean you didn’t? About fifty people just saw you do it you crazy psychopath!”

“Oh, you’re calling me crazy, Mr. Make-up-stories-about-people-assaulting-me?” said Josh.

Ceshlyta looked extremely offended, and slapped Josh across the face.

“What did I say?” Josh asked Joe, rubbing his face. Joe whispered something in his ear and Josh said “Wait.... you’re a girl?”

Ceshlyta scoffed, then walked away with her nose in the air while muttering “Boys...”

“Hehheh, funny as ever, guys.” said a voice from behind them. They turned to see a tall boy with messy brown hair and a huge grin on his face.

“TOM!” yelled Joe and Josh together. They and Tom raced forward and engaged in a three-way hug.

“I should’ve known you guys would be here!” exclaimed Tom happily, as they broke apart.

The three boys sat down, grinning broadly, and began to swap stories.


At the other side of the train, a boy named D was engorged in conversation with a girl that had Black hair, in a messy bun, which gradually changed to a dark red at the tips. D had short, back hair, and both were dressed as if about to run a race.

“So, Chrome, you seriously have the gold medal for speed and jump?” asked D incredulously, removing the pokeball headband from his head.

“Yeah,” she replied, pulling out a pair of big, white headphones from her bag. “As well as stamina.”

Chrome covered her ears with the headphones, leant back and closed her eyes, evidently ending their conversation.

“Wow...” whispered D; he’d never met anyone like Chrome. Back in Hearthome City, he’d always been the best at Pokeathalons. But Chrome... she appeared to excel him

“You can keep talking, Y’know.” said Chrome, opening one eye to look at him from across their table. “I can hear you through these.”

“Oh, Right...” replied D, grinning sheepishly.

There was suddenly a loud thump from above them, and a large amount of water poured past the windows of the carriage.

“It can‘t be raining…” asked Chrome, sitting up and looking out the windows. “We’re in a tunnel!”

D walked to the back of the carriage and opened the door, Chrome right behind him. They looked around for a moment, then D spotted a trap door on the roof.

“Come on.” he said quietly.

They both ascended the ladder, then breached the outside.

Incredibly, a tall boy stood on the roof of the carriage, as well as a Feraligatr.

“T-Tadj?” called D, stepping onto the roof, trying to keep his balance.

The boy turned to see D, and smiled. “Hey David, what’s up?” Chrome poked her head out of the trap door.

“You know this guy, D?” she asked, her hair being whipped around ferociously by the wind.

“Yeah, he’s an old.... friend.” replied D, also smiling. “It’s good to see you, Tadj, but what d’ya say we continue this conversation inside?”

Tadj chuckled. “Sure.”


At the front of the train, in a compartment just behind the drivers, some of the teachers were having a meeting.

“So, the events are organized, then?” asked Professor Twilight. She was a young woman, with long, dark brown hair, and similar coloured eyes. A purple pen was in her hand, topped with a small Drifloon ornament, and she was making notes on a clipboard.

“Indeed.” said Professor Wentworth. He was a short man, with a bald head and light, blue eyes. “We had a few problems with the Cacturn guardians, but they seem to have calmed down.”

Professor Twilight made a small note on her clipboard.

“And what about Mew?” asked Professor Meadows. She was a very colourful woman; her hair was a meter long, and black, but with light green, baby blue, pink and pale yellow highlights on her bangs. For the summer occasion, she also had a large sunflower in her hair.

“Taken care of.” said Professor Harman. He was tall, thin, and handsome. His hair was a light brown, and styled in a large Mohawk. “Mew will appear at the sorting as normal.”

“Excellent!” said a deep voice. It was coming from a chair at the head of the table that was turned around, hiding the persons face. “Hopefully, this year’s Summer Academy will go off without a hitch.”


Hysterical laughter filled the train as four boys sat eating the freshly-made
steaks brought to them.

The first boy was called Ed, and looked quite young. His brown hair was about shoulder length, and he had pale green eyes.

Sitting beside him was Jack; tall, white, and iPod earphones in, he looked a little older than Ed.

Opposite them were Kyle and Andy Stone. Kyle had white, spiky hair and blue eyes, while Andy had light brown, flattened hair and black eyes. Andy was a year younger than his brother.

“Then what happened?” asked Ed, wheezing with glee.

“The chick found the monkey in the tuxedo, found out she really married it instead of me, and I still got laid three times that night!” said Jack, as if he’d told the story a thousand times.

“Wow,” said Kyle, whose eyes were wide “Just wow.”

“I gotta hand it to you, dude, “ said Andy, who had gone back to his steak “You’ve got a way with the ladies.”


A familiar beep sounded again.

“Attention passengers.” said the same voice “If you’d please direct your attention to the windows, we are minutes away from school grounds.”

Everyone did as instructed, some of the younger students standing on their seats for a better look.

Up until now, the students on the train had barley seen any Pokémon at all. But now, hundreds of them appeared to welcome the new students.

A Milotic twisted itself gracefully around the tunnel and winked at several students, and then a school of Finneon and Lumineon briefly surrounded the tunnel. When they disbursed, they revealed a hole in a close-by rock face, which the train drove into.

Students squealed in joy, some of them taking their luggage down.

Another beep sounded, but this time, a male voice announces a message.

“Welcome to Warren Island! Please exit the train in an orderly fashion, and wait for your professors to address you.”

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