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Input for a new fan-fic

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1Input for a new fan-fic Empty Input for a new fan-fic on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:26 pm

Larz the Techno Viking

Larz the Techno Viking
Over the weekend, I was doing some yard work and had an idea for a fan fic. This is what I need for the story....

-- an online name i.e.= Larz the Techno Viking

-- a 'real' name i.e.= Ryan Mathews ( not my real name, however it is a name to use in the story)

-- a starter from any gen and for right now, two other pokemon for your character.

-- a real location for a hometown i.e.= New York City, Stillwater Oklahoma, Denver Colorado, ect....

I have started on the first chunk of the story and hopefully will be able to post it by friday. Anyone who post their info on here will most likely be added in to the story by the 2nd or 3rd post.

When I do post the first installment, please feel free to add any input around your characters. The story's writing style will be something like 'Heroes' meets 'Flash Forward', then bumps in to 'choose your own adventure'. Not because I do not have the compacity for creativity, but mainly to give everyone a chance to be involved with the story in their own ways.

2Input for a new fan-fic Empty Re: Input for a new fan-fic on Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:48 pm

Larz the Techno Viking

Larz the Techno Viking
Ok, so I did not finish the first installment for my story this week. Between my A.D.D. and me finally getting the exspansion disk for borderlands on my 360, I really haven't got a whole lot accomplished last week. However, I have been figuring out some technical issues with the story, so if I can get myself on my laptop this week, I will hammer it out and post as soon as I can. Sorry for the delays and what not.

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