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Sixtails's Pokeathlon Guide!

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For those of you who are just starting or have not played the Pokeathlon before, the Pokeathlon is a series of olympic-style mini games found west of the National Park, north of Goldenrod City. There are five categories in which to compete, which correspond to the five pokeathlon stats a pokemon, Speed, Power, Skill, Stamina, and Jump. For each category, there is a course consisting of three minigames. Many of these minigames can be found on multiple courses, while others are specific to just one course. As for the pokemon themselves, you use three pokemon for each course and you may use two or three of the same pokemon if you choose.
Legendary pokemon generally have higher pokeathlon stats than normal pokemon, so I did not include them when considering which pokemon to use, since they are obvious choices and I personally believe that it would be too easy to use them.


Speed Course
1. Hurdle Dash
2. Pennant Capture
3. Relay Run

Power Course
1. Block Smash
2. Circle Push
3. Goal Roll

Skill Course
1. Snow Throw
2. Goal Roll
3. Pennant Capture

Stamina Course
1. Ring Drop
2. Relay Run
3. Block Smash

Jump Course
1. Lamp Jump
2. Disc Catch
3. Hurdle Dash


Hurdle Dash
Record 1: 100 seconds
Record 2: 80 seconds
Anything with 5 stars in speed works here. Having higher jump can make it a bit easier, but it still isn’t very tough with low jump pokemon. I actually prefer using pokemon with only 3 stars in jump, as better jumping pokemon won’t land fast enough for some hurdles. The trick with this event is to jump right before you reach the hurdles. This gives you a speed boost. There are two levels of speed boosts you can get, blue and yellow, blue being first and yellow being second as well as the fastest you can go. Once you master this, the hurdle dash is easy.

Pennant Capture
Record 1: 35 flags
Record 2: 50 flags
The Pennant Capture can be a challenge. Avoid collisions as much as you can, even when you can steal flags from you opponents, the time it takes to do so is usually not worth it. The easiest courses are the ones with nothing blocking you from the edges, so you can make on loop around, collecting 8 or 9 flags in a matter of seconds.
Jolteon- 4 stars in speed and skill.
Clefairy- 4 stars in speed, 3 stars in skill.
Ledbya- 4 stars in speed, 3 stars in skill.

Aprijuice: 5 pink, 10 blue

Circle Push
Record 1: 40
Record 2: 60
Although it initially seems that power is the most important stat here, speed is essential to break Record 2. Weavile, Infernape, and Huntail are three pokemon with good enough stats in speed and power to win.

Block Smash
Record 1: 80 blocks
Record 2: 130 blocks
Here you need pokemon with 5 stars in power, skill, and stamina.
The following pokemon are the best I’ve found for this event.
Magmortar- 4 stars in power, skill, and stamina
Raichu- 4 stars in power, skill, and stamina
Meganium- 3 stars in power, 5 stars in skill, 5 stars in stamina
Tangrowth- 3 stars in power, 4 stars in skill, 5 stars in stamina

You will most likely need to make aprijuices for this event and get the above pokemon with good natures. I'm not going to bother with making a recipe, since it would depend on the nature.

Disc Catch
Record 1: 40 points
Record 2: 70 points
Anything with high jump stat should work here, just be aggressive when going for discs. The more discs your opponents get, the less you can get.

Lamp Jump
Record 1: 350 points
Record 2: 500 points
Remember, the points increase on each lamp you hit as you hit more lamps in one jump. Try to make your jumps hit as many lamps as possible before you land.
Mismagius- 4 stars in skill, 5 stars in jump
Magnezone- 4 stars in skill and jump
Gliscor- 4 stars in skill and jump

Aprijuice: 5 blue, 5 green

Relay Run
Record 1:12 laps
Record 2: 16 laps
Anything with decent stamina and 5 stars in speed should do fine. On your first lap, find out the arrangement of the obstacles and find a path that avoids them.

Ring Drop
Record 1: 70 points
Record 2: 100 points
Anything with good stamina and power are good here.

Snow Throw
Record 1: 30 hits
Record 2: 55 hits
Personally, I found it easiest to throw all the snowballs at the group to your left. They are the closest and therefore easiest targets to hit without someone else hitting your snowball in air. Although it says power is needed in the description, knocking your opponents out is not the goal of this game. Instead, you just need to throw your snowballs as fast as you can to reach 55 hits in the allotted time. Any pokemon with 5 stars in skill should work fine. Without aprijuice or natures, Smeargle, Hitmontop, Gardevoir, and Meditite are just a few examples of pokemon with 5 stars in skill, but aprijuices make everything easier. To save apricorns, I suggest just buying the pre-made aprijuices at the stand next to the dome.

Goal Roll
Record 1: 3
Record 2: 9
Have one pokemon stay behind to defend the goal as the other two take the offensive. Other than that, just use any well rounded pokemon in terms of stats, since power, speed, stamina, and skill are all used. You can switch off the goalie if you have a nearby pokemon running out of stamina.


Natures do affect pokeathlon stats.
Power = Attack
Stamina = Defense
Jump = Special Attack
Skill = Special Defense
Speed = Speed


Red- Power
Johto- Route 37, Route 44, and Pokeathlon Dome on Sunday, Monday, and Friday
Kanto- Fuchsia City
Yellow- Stamina
Johto- Violet City, Route 42, Route 46, and Pokeathlon Dome on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Kanto- Route 8
Blue- Skill
Johto- Route 36, Route 37, and Pokeathlon Dome on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday
Kanto- Route 26, Pewter City
Green- Jump
Johto- Route 29, Route 30, Route 35, Route 39, Route 42, Route 45, Route 46, and Pokeathlon Dome on Monday, Friday, and Saturday
Kanto- Route 11
Pink- Speed
Johto- Route 30, Route 33, Route 42, and Pokeathlon Dome on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Kanto- Route 2
Johto- Alzalea Town, Route 38, and Pokeathlon Dome on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Kanto- Pewter City
Johto- Route 31, Route 33, Route 37, Route 43, and Pokeathlon Dome on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday
Kanto- Route 1

Apricorns can be used to make Aprijuice, which increases a pokemon's pokeathlon stats. To make Aprijuice, you must obtain the Apriblender, which can be found west of the Pokeathlon Dome at the Aprijuice stand. Five Apricorns can be put into the Apriblender at one once, and more can be added once it is mixed. To mix the Aprijuice, walk 100 steps. No more than two stats can be increased with an Aprijuice. One Aprijuice can be used three times. You can also purchase pre-made Aprijuices at the Aprijuice stand where you got the Apriblender from, which can be useful if you dont need a strong Aprijuice and want to save Apricorns for when you do need them. Putting a pokemon in the PC eliminates the effect of an Aprijuice. Sometimes an Aprijuice will increase one stat but decrease another. Mildness reduces the chance of this happening. To increase mildness, you can walk (every 100 steps is one mildness level), or wait, since the mildness also increases if a day goes by. Flavor determines how much your pokemon's stats will be affected by the Aprijuice. The stronger the flavor, the more stars will increase.

As you might have noticed, I added a few recipes for Aprijuices on the more difficult minigames, but feel free to experiment.

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